Saturday, August 29, 2015

Bosco Tribute

As you probably know from Darcy's Instagram and Facebook posts, August 28th, 2015 marked the last day of Bosco's life.  He had been slowing down over the last several years, but the summer of 2015 saw his activity levels take a steep nose dive.  He was no longer reacting to us when we got home, relocated to the living room, or even when we tried to treat him to a delicious snack.  Rather, he opted to just stay put, usually under our bed, out of sight.  We even had to carry him outside to make sure he had a chance to go potty sometimes.

Because of this inactivity and total lost interest in food and water, Darcy made a vet appointment.  I was in downtown San Jose at my companies Sales Kickoff event, planning to let Darcy handle the vet appointment without me.  I got a text from Darcy about an hour prior to the 2:30 appointment about the reality of Bosco's state.  With a heavy heart, Darcy was laying on the bed with him.  He wasn't even showing positive reactions to belly rubs, and wouldn't take a bit of an apple.  Apples were one of Bosco's favorite things.  I quickly realized I had to make this vet appointment, because if the right decision was to put him down, I had to be there.   It turned out that was the case.

Bosco will always have a special place in my heart.  He is the only dog I've ever taken care of for the dog's entire lifetime.  And even though Darcy bought him just before we started living together, even she would admit, I was always Bosco's #1.  He would follow me everywhere I went, and would get very excited when I got home, as shown in this video.

As I reflect on Bosco's life, I am so thankful for Narduzzi Nation.  I searched Bosco on it today and read through some of my old posts on him, looked at all the pictures, and watched all the videos.  I figured the best way to tribute him would be to share these posts with people, and wipe the dust off this old blog for the tribute post.

Here are links to the Bosco related posts.  I particularly love the Frisbee one.  We had some great times at the park playing frisbee.  He loved it!  Unfortunately his ACL surgery marked the end of that fun activity :(.

Bosco's life also had its struggles.  He had to spend a lot of time alone while Darcy and I were at work (in a crate in the early days as we couldn't trust his bladder). He battled skin allergies that caused him to have periods of being very itchy where he had to take a lot of medicine to treat it.  He suffered an ACL injury that required surgery and a fairly lengthy recovery period.  Later in his life he had dry eye, which caused his eyes to "gook up" and require daily cream treatments that grew less effective over time.  He was definitely no stranger to the vet, that is for sure.

But as you can see in reviewing these old posts, Bosco also had a great life.   I am very thankful for the experiences I had because of him, the memories I'll have of him for the rest of my life.