Monday, January 20, 2014

Ice Skating

This weekend two of Darcy's best friends from her childhood, Suzi and Melissa, came to visit.  Suzi now lives in Las Vegas with her husband Jeff and four year old son Carson, while Melissa lives Arroyo Grande with her husband Shannon and two kids Elliot and Kellen.  The only one absent from this weekend was Suzi's husband Jeff, who was back in Vegas gambling, cleaning pool filters, and watching sports.

As soon as the O'Neals showed up on Saturday following their 3+ hour drive from the central coast, we decided to adventure off to Sharks Ice, which is a large facility with three ice rinks, and is located across the street from Spartan Stadium and adjacent to where the San Jose Giants play.  Open skate is from 1-4.

I was both nervous and excited to see my kids get on the ice for the first time.  They were definitely excited to give it a whirl having just watched The Mighty Ducks with Darcy and I just a week ago, but who knows how they would do.  I was hoping they would enjoy it, experience improvement, and not be resistant to even trying. Other than Ryan fussing when I put on his skates and being a little reluctant to take the ice at first, it was a success!

Check out he videos of each of them skating around:

Even though they had to rely on the buckets, and their form was very "walk-like", their confidence grew throughout the hour they spent on the ice, and most importantly, they had a good time.

Each of them had a couple falls and even shed a few tears, and Sean even got brave enough to push the bucket several yards away from him and then skate to it.  We look forward to perhaps skating in a couple weeks when we head to NorthStar for a couple of days.  They will also be trying skiing for the first time!

Left to Right:  Elliot, Carson, Sean, Ryan, Kellen