Sunday, December 1, 2013

Gutter Cleaning!

Depending on where your house is relative to trees, you may or may not be able to fully relate to how I spent my Saturday afternoon and last day of November, 2013.  With Fall now in full swing, many trees are nearly fully shed of their leaves, which is the case of the two large trees that hover over the front left of my house (front left if you're facing it).

When we got home from Ceres yesterday it was time to take action.  I went to Home Depot to buy an electric blower (my gas one is no longer working), grabbed my ladder and 100 foot extension cord, and ascended to my roof.

Here is some video footage:

After nearly an hour on the roof I had cleaned out all the gutters and blew off about 90% of the leaves that were on the roof prior to the start of my work.   You can never get them all, so why try.

Unfortunately, there is more to the project than just walking around my roof with the blower, which is actually kind of fun, albeit a little dangerous (especially with electric blower rather than gas since the cord is a tripping hazard, although I much prefer electric and not having to deal with gas running out and pulling string to get it started, etc).  Once I safely got down from the roof, I had to deal with a circular pile of leaves surrounding my house.  It was so obnoxious that my attempt to tell Darcy we could wait until the gardeners come on Thursday was met with a, "no way".

I was half joking when I suggested this.  The front door was totally blocked.

I smiled and agreed and got to work with the push broom and garbage bucket, sweeping and scooping away.  Pretty soon, the pile in front of my house looked like this!

The lack of rain, despite contributing to our looming drought, was beneficial for me in this years gutter cleaning because there was minimal "swampy-ness" at the bottom of the gutters.  Swampy gutters make much more of a mess along the ground and outside of your house (from the blower).  In the past years with more pre-Thanksgiving rain, the gutters have been much wetter, and therefore cleanup has been much nastier.

I look forward to doing this again next year!