Monday, September 19, 2011

Radio Flyers

My Dad's Dad, aka my "Nonno", who is Sean and Ryan's Great Grandfather (who they also call "Nonno"), bought this great radio flyer wagon for the boys a few years ago.

Sean has been riding it in walks for almost 2 years now, but Ryan is finally big and strong enough to ride it as well. In the past he has fallen in the middle of the wagon a few times going up curbs or over bumps, but now he uses his arms to stabilize himself and make sure he stays put.

The other night while Darcy was exercising, I took the boys for a walk in the wagon, and brought my camera. The sun was setting, and I was able to take advantage of some good lighting!

The lighting is not as good on this one, and it's a bummer the garbage cans are in the background, but I otherwise really like this one:

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