Sunday, January 2, 2011

Holidays 2010...

It has been a great holiday season... Starting with Darcy's company Xmas party the first weekend in December, we have been seemingly going to one party after the next, as you can see in the time line right here:

- Devcon Xmas party (12/4)
- Darcy's annual work friends party (12/10 - this one is Darcy only, but was at our house)
- McCall Xmas party (12/11 - our new friends through Darcy's work)
- BlueArc Xmas party (12/17 - Jeff's company)
- Alton, Kirkpatrick, Narduzzi annual Xmas dinner (12/18 - in Santa Rosa)
- Baker Xmas (12/23 - Darcy's dad's side. At Darcy's house in Ceres)
- Carvahlo Xmas (12/24 - Darcy's mom's side. At Uncle Dave's house in Modesto)
- Xmas day lunch (12/25 - at Darcy's house)
- Narduzzi, Schnell O'Neal lunch (12/26 - Suzi's house in Ceres)
- Trisha's rehearsal dinner (12/28 - restaurant in Santa Rosa)
- Trisha's wedding (12/30 - in Santa Rosa)
- New Years dinner with the Edlings (12/31 - back home in San Jose)

As you can see, it has been quite and eventful month... Now, looking out into January and beyond, it calms down considerably. We look forward to slowing down, watching playoff football, getting our new couches, and back into our usual routine. My basketball league starts up Tuesday (fingers crossed I don't hurt my thumb again!), and Darcy and I are considering training for a half marathon in April. Besides that, the boys are sure to keep us more than entertained, as well as busy.

Sean is talking up a storm now with full sentences being the norm, and he is surprising us with new words every day. I know we are biased, but we think he's pretty smart ;)

Ryan is just about 7 months now, and we can tell he'll be crawling soon. He still sleeps a lot, and is happiest in the morning after a long night of sleep. He smiles all the time, and laughs when tickled. He also loves to look at his brother and smile watching him play with his toys.

Darcy is back to work Monday the 3rd, but not me. I'll be taking advantage of daycare and playing some soggy golf with friends Matt and Nate. Then back to work on Tuesday.

Unfortunately, several of the events on the list above we didn't get pictures of. However, click here to look at some of the pictures we did take in the month of December.

Oh, one last thing. Sean walked down the aisle as the ring bearer in Trisha's wedding. With the help of Grandpa Baker, we were able to catch it on film!

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