Thursday, December 2, 2010

Year of the Bad Thumb

Many things were special about the year 2010. It was our 1rst year in the new house. Our 2nd son born - baby Ryan. But another major theme of this year for me is my thumb troubles, which probably included more of the year than it didn't. Both thumb injuries happened while playing basketball in my Tuesday night Sunnyvale league.

Thumb injury #1....

It happened in mid January. The ball landed awkwardly downword on my left thumb, spraining it very badly at the joint. For weeks I couldn't use my thumb for anything. Things normally easy to do like buttoning up my shirt, or changing diapers, or cooking eggs for breakfast, were no long easy at all. I missed the next two months of basketball, and barely could play golf two months later in Palm Springs, but thankfully was able to, despite the pain. I wasn't normal again until early May!

Thumb injury #2....

In mid September, in just the 3rd game of the fall season, I went for a loose ball, and my left thumb got stuck somehow and was bent the knuckle. I knew instantly it wasn't good, but kep playing for about three minutes as I could feel the blood rushing into my thumb. I even hit a 3-pointer with it broken, before I finally called myself off of the court. It was in the first half and I left right away to get ice on it. the next day at work I showed it off to my fellow employees. It looked like this:

After being certain it was only a sprain, I took the advice of my co-workers to get an xray. Lo and behold, they were right, it was fractured! And required surgery! I was knocked out for surgery a week after the break, and was in a sling for the next 7 weeks. When I got the sling off, I could barely move at the knuckle at all. Over the course of two weeks of nonstop attempting to bend it, the tissue has slowly stretched out. It is now December 2nd as I type this, and I am finally have most of movement back in my left thumb.

In just the last 10 months, I think I have fulfilled my thumb injury quota for at least the decade, so I should be exempt from all thumb related injuries for at least the next nine years... right?

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