Saturday, October 9, 2010

I'm 4 Months Old!

I'm 4 months old today! I like to ride on Daddy's shoulders and be thrown in the air.

I sometimes fall asleep wherever Mommy puts me.

I'm VERY cute.

I like the standy toy for a little while.

It's very easy to make me smile.

But I'm serious sometimes too.

I like to take baths with my big brother Sean.

And I love my Daddy, broken thumb and all.

Life has been good for me so far. I wake up happy every morning except sometimes when I decide to roll myself over onto my stomach. Then I get upset and yell for Mommy to come fix it. Sometimes I do it very early in the morning because I'm silly and I think it's funny to wake Mommy up. After I eat in the morning I'm awake for about an hour and then I take a good morning nap. Then I eat eat eat all day until my afternoon nap. When I get picked up from daycare I like to stay awake all evening because there is a lot of action going on. I like to watch Sean play and yell and bounce all over the house. I also like to go for walks in the Bjorn with Mommy or Daddy. It's really hard to stay up until 8:30 or 9 like Mom tries to get me to do, so my bed time has been getting earlier and earlier. I also drool A LOT and like to eat my hands. Mommy has to keep a bib on me all the time so I don't get my clothes soaking wet. 

I get to go to the doctor this week to see how much I weigh and how much I've grown in the last two months, but I hear that I have to get some shots too which won't be fun. I'll let you know my new stats later. Have a great day!


Michael said...

Sign him up for college now, he is already a good writer!

Suzi said...

HE IS SO CUTE... I love him bunches and bunches! xoxo