Saturday, September 11, 2010

Half Moon Bay, 2010

Darcy and I became "boyfriend and girlfriend" 10 years ago this month. We made it official on Septempber 23rd, 2000, when we started kissing at a few Cal Poly parties...

After dating the three remaining years at Cal Poly, we traveled Europe in the summer of 2003. When we returned, Darcy started work at Devcon in August. She still works there over seven years later. My path to employment wasn't as smooth, as I lived in Santa Rosa, golfing and looking for a job for a few months, then caddying at Mayacama for a few months after that, and then finally getting a "semi-real" job with Maxim Healthcare in January of 2004. After nearly a year of living apart from Darcy, traveling most weekends to visit her, I quit Maxim without a job lined up in July 2004, and moved to San Jose to look for a job, knowing that was where I wanted to be.

In less than a month I got hired at Synnex, and officially moved in with Darcy and her roommate in the South Bay.

After finishing up her lease in Santa Clara, we signed a 6 month lease in October of 2004 to live in Milpitas, along with Jenn Abrahamson, her roommate. By the time those 6 months were up, we had bought a condo in Campbell. This was at a time when real estate prices were ridiculously high, but we thought it was time for us to buy, so we did. And at the time, who knew the mortgage crisis was coming? Ok, I kinda thought it was, but you gotta live somewhere, right?

In September of 2005, after living together in our condo for 6 months, I proposed to Darcy. We got engaged at La Fondue in Saratoga on September 24th, a day after our 5th anniversary. I handed the waitress the ring on my way back to the restroom, and told her to put it in Darcy's wine glass, and then leave without pouring our wine. At that time, I slid over to her side of the table, and on one knee asked her to marry me... Luckily for me, she said yes.

In that year between engagement and the wedding, I left Synnex, and started at BlueArc as an Inside Sales Rep.

Nearly a year later from that night at La Fondue, on September 16th, 2006, we married at the Dublin Ranch Golf Course in front of 200 of our closest family and friends at that time. We had been together for 6 whole years, through college, through a months travels in Europe, through a year apart, through a year living together, through buying a place together, and now, we were husband and wife. We spent our honeymoon in Tahiti for 8 days following our wedding... What a great trip!

Four years later I am no longer in Inside Sales at BlueArc, but do Sale Operations there insead. That change happened in November of 2007. But that is not all that has changed in our four years of marriage. Darcy has been promoted to Project Manager. We had our first child, a boy named Sean. We sold our condo and bought a house in San Jose, and we had our second child, a boy named Ryan.

As I sit here in Half Moon Bay, on September 11th, 2010, I reflect upon my life with Darcy in it. Darcy has now been my significant other for 1/3rd of my life. We have been "together" for 5 years, "engaged" for 1 year, and now "married" for 4 years.

I am very lucky to have found someone that I can be so comfortable being myself around. Someone who accepts me for who I am, and someone I can see myself with forever. Add to that, Darcy is a great mother, and has given me two amazing sons who mean everything to me.

I love you Darcy... Happy 4th Anniversary!


Suzi said...

This made me cry. Love you guys! Congratulations on your 4th wedding anniversary and your 10th being together anniversary! xoxo

Kathryn said...

jeff, this is so sweet! congrats!