Thursday, July 8, 2010

Gilroy Gardens

The four of us went to Gilroy Gardens today and had a blast. Well Ryan didn't wake up until the very end, but I'm sure he had fun in his carseat being pushed around all day. Gilroy Gardens is an amusement park that's mainly geared towards young kids. Sean had a blast! He rode all kinds of rides, and we saw a Curious George show that he liked. I highly recommend taking your kiddos here, especially if they are 6 and under.  We got there at opening at 11am and stayed until 4 which is a long time for a 1-month old and almost 2-year old. Here are some of the highlights.

Sean, Jeff, and Ryan on the 'Choo-choo train'

This is what Ryan did all day...well he woke up twice to eat but you get the picture.

Sean and Jeff on the Strawberry Ride

Fire Engines


The water park, next time we will spend much more time here.

This was Sean's favorite ride of the day.

We had to go on the carousel.

Here's Sean on the ride home, about 5 minutes into the car ride.

We will definitely be going back to Gilroy Gardens sometime soon.

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