Monday, April 19, 2010

Oakland Zoo...

On Sunday we met our good friends the Schreibers at the Oakland Zoo. It was a beautiful day, perfect weather for being at a zoo. In addition, because of it being mid april, everything was particularly green. If you have never been to the Oakland Zoo and have kids in your life, I recommend taking them. It opens at 10am, which is when we got there, as did many others who want to get a couple good hours in and make some memories before naptime.

Huge turtles:

Malana wearing a cone for a hat, and thinking it was pretty cool:

Something about sitting in the net was very fun for Sean:

There weren't any casualties:

Sean did a lot of running around, but mixed in some laid back stroller time too, as you can see here:

Yes, those are Giraffes in the background:

And this one, well... because I'm in it:


Anonymous said...

Who's the Chinese guy in the background? LMAO!!!!!


Sharee and Arthur said...

Hey, I totally remember going to the Oakland Zoo when I was a kid. haven't been in years, but it looks like you guys had fun! Hurray for the zoo!