Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas this year was yet another adventure, which as it has in years past, contained quite a bit of driving around the bay area.

We started out by driving to Ceres on Wednesday night, Dec 23rd.

1st Event: Opening gifts with the Bakers (8am - 11am, 12/24)

2nd Event: Scott luncheon to get this group together (1130am - 2pm, 12/24):

And most importantly, to get our children together for the first time:

3rd Event: Xmas Eve gathering at Dave and Laurie's house in Modesto (3pm - 730pm, 12/24).

Following this event we drove directly to Santa Rosa, arriving just before 10pm.

4th Event: Xmas morning at the Narduzzis (830am - 1pm, 12/25).

5th Event: Visiting Jeff's Nonni & Nonno and Mario's family (who live in China) (130pm - 230pm, 12/25)

6th Event: Xmas with Jeff's Mom's side at Rick and Rocky's house (230pm - 9pm, 12/25)

These six events sum up our Xmas 2009 activities. Not bad, heh!? We had a great time but were definitely ready to wind down when it was all over. On 12/26, we took advantage of grandma and grandpa to babysit Sean while we saw Avatar in 3-D, which was very cool. My friend Dylan came with us, as well as Trisha and Beth.

On Sunday, 12/27, we left Santa Rosa for home just before 9am.

Click this sentence to check out more pictures from these two busy days of Xmas 2009. I even did captions for most of them.

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