Monday, December 21, 2009

Bosco Update...

As you faithfuls know, Bosco had knee surgery in mid November. Following surgery, his shaven left back leg was stitched up and in more pain than ever. When we set him on the grass to pee, he hobbled around on three legs, not even letting his sore knee tough the ground... After all, it had just been cut into, had a wire placed in it, and then sewn back up.

Five weeks later, we are thrilled to report that Bosco is doing much better. His walk still has a small hitch in it, but he is noticeably more active and spirited than he's been in a long time. He can easily jump on the couch, or up on our bed, and has no problem going up and down the stairs; Just like old times. Sometimes he gets a little too excited and ambitious and we have to calm him down, or even put him in the crate for a little time-out. We are still worried that the wrong move could damage the surgery before the tissue around it has a chance to fully strengthen.

We are hopeful that by mid-January, Bosco will be walking completely fine, like before the injury. We will no longer take him to the park and let him tear after a chucked frisbee, but we hope to start walking him again. Back in the day we used to take him on some pretty long walks, and at only six years of age, we still think he has many more long walks in him.

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