Monday, December 28, 2009

Alton Kirkpatrick Narduzzi - Dec. 13th, 2009

I just uploaded 223 pictures taken over the last two weeks. The first group of those pictures was from the 20th-somethingth Alton-Kirkpatrick-Narduzzi Christmas gathering. Due to scheduling issues, it had to take place on a Sunday this year.

I wrote about this event last year, which took place at my parents house HERE. This year we went to the Kirkpatrick's house in Healdsburg.

I so wish I would have stolen an old 80's picture of the group from this gathering, but didn't think of it when I was in Santa Rosa. It would have been great to include an old photo of us all as kids and of our parents looking a tad younger ;). But I didn't... so we move on...

First, here are the originals:

The Additions (with the originals). We used the timer on the camera to get everyone in:

I'm so happy we make sure to schedule this event each year. I look forward to many more in the future as well as a continually growing group!

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