Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sean's First Haircut

Anyone who has seen Sean in the last couple months knows he pretty much has a mullet "do" going. Every day it became more and more clear. In fact, at the Cal Soccer game on Sunday (my cousin Gina plays goalie) my mom even commented that it might be time to consider a haircut. She was right, it was. Plus, we have mall pictures scheduled for Friday, so that made doing the haircut this week essential.

Here's a good side shot of his mullet right before the start of his haircut:

He was very well-behaved during the haircut. Here's a video so you can get a better sense of the action:

Here are a couple of pictures that show off his new haircut:

On a side note, our crazy haircut son decided to crawl into Bosco's crate tonight!

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