Monday, November 30, 2009

Sean - Almost 16 Months Old

Sean will be 16 months old this coming Saturday and he is definitely a toddler instead of a baby now. He is developing quite a funny personality, he loves to be silly and laugh. It's nearly impossible for us to get him to sit still for a picture these days, but here are a few that we managed recently.

Sean's favorite things to do are sit on our lap or the couch while we read him a book. Sometimes we even get to read the same book three times in a row or more. He loves to go into the kitchen to get utensils or tupperware, or try to escape up the stairs before we can get to him. He recently discovered the back deck and loves it out there, especially when Eddie goes out there with him.

He likes to show us his belly, pat his head which triggers us to sing "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes," tackle Eddie, and of course anything to do with electronics. Cell phones and remote controls are his favorites, and if we forget to put them up high enough it's hard to get them back without a fight from Mr. Sean. He likes to sit on his little car and push himself around the house backwards (he can't really go forwards yet).

He says Daddy, bye, dog, ball, sit, turtle, and kitty the most. We can tell he wants to start talking (and actually making sense) and when he does we're going to be in trouble! He's quite a dancer and will start up when a commercial jingle comes on or in the car if we have the music up.

He's quite a handful but he's keeping us entertained and laughing all the time!

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