Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year we had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving weekend in Ceres with the Baker Family. We drove over Wednesday evening and stayed until Saturday. On Thursday, most of my mom's family along with my dad's parents joined my parents, my sister and us for a yummy dinner and some games. Sean is the youngest by about 10 years so he is the center of attention for now. He had a blast getting pushed around on the new firetruck toy that his grandma bought for him. He also loved having everyone to read books to him since Mom and Dad can't read a book to him all day every day (which he would prefer).

We enjoyed a turkey, ham, lots of fixings, three homemade pies from Great Grandma Carvalho and a chocolate cake from Meghan. We followed our lovely dinner with a huge game of Farkle with most of the family. Great Grandma kicked our butts! After the extended family left, Meghan, Jeff, Grandma and I played Yahtzee and some more Farkle into the wee hours of the night (it was at least 10pm before we went to bed which is pretty impressive).

On Friday Jeff and I were able to enjoy having some babysitters and went and visited our friends Melissa and Shannon and their new baby girl Elliott who is 3 months old. She is adorable and I'm so glad I got to meet her finally! Then the four of us, without the kiddos of course, went to see New Moon. I wish we had family that lived closer so we could do things like that more often.

After the movie we went to our favorite Ceres restaurant, La Morenita, for dinner with the whole family. Then Jeff, Sean and I went to see our friends Brandi and Japheth and their two daughters Lexi and Addison. They are growing up so fast, Addison is 2 and Lexi is 6 months old. We also got to see Brandi's parents and sister which was a treat.

On Saturday morning, Jeff, my mom and my aunt Becky went and played nine holes while I stayed home with Sean.

It was nice to be home and not have a million things to do. Sean loves being spoiled by his grandparents and Aunt Meghan. This December he will be getting a lot of this from both the Narduzzi and the Baker side, lucky him!

We hope you all had a wonderful only 23 days left until Christmas, yikes!!!

P.S. Sorry for the lack of pictures, we were lazy!!!

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