Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bosco Update

It's been one week since we picked up Bosco from the vet after his ACL repair surgery. So far things seem to be going very well. His incision site looks great. Luckily he's not able to reach it with his tongue so he hasn't had to wear the cone at all. The first couple days he was pretty out of it and wasn't very interested in walking around, but now he is ready. On Monday morning I made him sit while I was getting his pills ready, but he took off up the stairs to see Jeff. Oops! But at least that means he is feeling better. Now when we take him outside for potty breaks we have to keep him on a short leash, and unfortunately he'll have to be crated while we're inside for at least a few more weeks. Hopefully by the first of the year he'll be back to his normal rambunctious self!

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