Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sea Ranch

This weekend we took Thursday and Friday off for a four day weekend to Sea Ranch, which is a coastal community/second home get-away north of Bodega Bay but south of Fort Bragg. Here you can get an idea of where it is relative to the bay area:

We stayed in this house and had amazing views of the ocean:

When we arrived thursday morning my parents were already there. We had a great time with them. My dad cooked the most delicious steak ever on Thursday night, and on Friday, Darcy, my Dad, and I played the Sea Ranch golf course. It was a perfect day for golf - sunny and not windy. Darcy did great, especially off the tee where she was very consistent with her driver. She even had three pars!

After golf I was tired so took a nap, but Darcy, Sean, and my parents went to the beach to walk around. Unfortunately, when Sean was walking on the beach, a wasp flew to his eyelid. Sean reacting by grabbing for it, but it was too late, he was bit! Sean's eye responded by swelling up quite a bit. Saturday it was very swollen all day. Sunday the swelling went down, but it is still a little red. Hopefully it will be gone Monday or Tuesday.

Here's a picture at the beach with Grammy and Grandpa before the wasp bite:

Here's a few pics of his swollen eye:

My parents left on friday evening, and Trisha and her boyfriend Paul arrived later Friday night; at about 8pm. We had a great time with them, laughing at Sean, playing Spades, watching baseball, and cooking. On Saturday we went out to lunch in the town of Gualala at a delicious pizza restaurant. In the evening, we played spades, but broke to walk outside and enjoy the beautiful sunset. I brought my camera and snapped away!

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