Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Poor Bosco

Bosco started limping months ago. His hind left leg was clearly not normal. I took him to the vet where we got x-rays and they warned me he had a torn ACL, and surgery was necessary. At that time he was still mobile, although with a slight limp, so Darcy and I opted not to jump right on the recommended surgery. We chose to see how things went over the coming months to see if he magically heeled, etc..

Bosco's leg did get better. He slowly started walking more normally, and we even started taking him on walks again. However, he never returned to full form where he would follow me everywhere, run all over the place, or jump up on the couch as if defying gravity. One time I took him to play frisbee and afterward I could tell it made his knee sore. He also had a funny way of sitting with one if his hind legs crossed under, which apparently allows him to get back up in less painful fashion.

Just a couple days ago, his damaged leg took a major turn for the worse. We're not sure if he tweaked it, or damaged it more, but he is nearly immobile. He literally walks on three legs, and chooses not to go anywhere unless he decides he needs water or food. We have to carry him down and set him on the grass so he can relieve himself, and it's an effort for him to hobble around just to do that.

Today, Darcy and I are taking him to another vet to get a second opinion. If they also recommend surgery we are prepared to do that. He is only six years old and we want him to enjoy the rest of his life. If they have another recommendation, perhaps we'll consider it. We'll see.

I'll keep you posted. Poor guy.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sea Ranch

This weekend we took Thursday and Friday off for a four day weekend to Sea Ranch, which is a coastal community/second home get-away north of Bodega Bay but south of Fort Bragg. Here you can get an idea of where it is relative to the bay area:

We stayed in this house and had amazing views of the ocean:

When we arrived thursday morning my parents were already there. We had a great time with them. My dad cooked the most delicious steak ever on Thursday night, and on Friday, Darcy, my Dad, and I played the Sea Ranch golf course. It was a perfect day for golf - sunny and not windy. Darcy did great, especially off the tee where she was very consistent with her driver. She even had three pars!

After golf I was tired so took a nap, but Darcy, Sean, and my parents went to the beach to walk around. Unfortunately, when Sean was walking on the beach, a wasp flew to his eyelid. Sean reacting by grabbing for it, but it was too late, he was bit! Sean's eye responded by swelling up quite a bit. Saturday it was very swollen all day. Sunday the swelling went down, but it is still a little red. Hopefully it will be gone Monday or Tuesday.

Here's a picture at the beach with Grammy and Grandpa before the wasp bite:

Here's a few pics of his swollen eye:

My parents left on friday evening, and Trisha and her boyfriend Paul arrived later Friday night; at about 8pm. We had a great time with them, laughing at Sean, playing Spades, watching baseball, and cooking. On Saturday we went out to lunch in the town of Gualala at a delicious pizza restaurant. In the evening, we played spades, but broke to walk outside and enjoy the beautiful sunset. I brought my camera and snapped away!