Wednesday, September 9, 2009


- This blog has definitely changed over the last year. It used to be about me coming up with interesting things to share about my thoughts and life. Then, once Sean was born, Narduzzi Nation turned into Sean Nation. Each post was to share with you a milestone, a funny video, or something we did with him or bought for him. Lately, the posts have been very infrequent, as I've struggled to find motivation to post. I hope the motivation comes back.

- I went to a bachelor party in Las Vegas last weekend. It was my first time going there for fun since my bachelor party, and I was excited to go back. This time staying at Mandalay Bay, my luck at the blackjack table was non-existent, and I quickly gave up gambling. To me I'm either going to win or I'm not. I don't keep going back to the "you-always-win" slot machine also known as the ATM machine to get more money to try to recover what I've already lost. Not worth it. Nevertheless, it was an expensive weekend. Ouch. But lots of fun too.

- Darcy and I are taking Sean to the Santa Clara womens volleyball game tomorrow. Should be interesting. I'm not sure who they're playing.

- Our third year anniversary is September 16th. It's amazing that she and I have almost been together now for a third of our lives. We are very lucky to have each other.

- I'm watching Federer right now dismantle Soderling in the US Open quarterfinals. It's amazing how good he is, but I've never been a big fan.

- Even though the Giants have kept me interested this year, I don't believe they can make the playoffs this year. Their hitters just can't score enough runs consistently. I hope I'm wrong about them falling short.

- I'm very busy these days with sports. On Mondays after work I play softball, and on Tuesdays I play basketball. It's a new league at Fremont High School in Sunnyvale.

- Darcy and I stand a good chance of some big changes fairly soon in our lives. We're pretty excited but also nervous. When things get a little more official I'll provide details.

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Michael said...

what kind of cliff hanger is that on a public blog?
is darcy pregnant, are you moving to a new city, are you moving period, did sean get signed to a sit com in LA, what do you mean by big changes?