Sunday, August 9, 2009

Amy & Tim Tie the Knot

On Saturday evening/night, after Sean's birthday party, we headed to Sebastopol to celebrate Amy Alton getting married to Tim Ricard. It was a beautiful setting, and they couldn't have asked for better weather. They were married by Lloyd Johnson, who you can see in the background of this first picture. Lloyd and his family are the Alton's longtime next door neighbor. Coincidentally, I also played basketball with Lloyd's sone Gary growing up. In fact, Lloyd was the announcer at my home high school basketball games so it was no surprise that he was able to take the mic and call a great wedding as well.

Left to right: Tom Kirkpatrick, Dennis Narduzzi, Ken Alton:

Trisha, Beth, Darcy, and Ali, who got married two weeks ago:

My buddy Dylan, who lives in Portland and who at first wasn't going to make it to the wedding, surprised me with a phone call on Saturday saying that he had flown down and was coming!

The traditional Father/Daughter dance:

Even my mom and I got into the action:

I am so happy for Amy that she found Tim. Ever since I met him (about six years ago) I've thought he was a great guy and that the two of them made a great couple. Congratulations Amy!!! ... And Tim!!!

Click this sentence for an album of my better pictures from the wedding.

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