Sunday, August 30, 2009

AG. Pismo. SLO. Lake Nacimiento with the Berkes's

Our weekend started in Arroyo Grande, where we visited Shannon and very pregnant Melissa. In fact, as I type this, Melissa is at the hospital! Good luck Melissa, can't wait to meet Eliott!

On Friday, we hit two of the most popular dining spots during out Cal Poly years - Splash Cafe and Firestones. My sister Beth is living in SLO right now waiting for school to start, so we stopped by to check out where she is staying and took her with us to Firestones.

After dinner, we headed north to Paso Robles to grocery shop, and then onward to Mandi's parents house on Lake Nacimiento. Mandi and Eric, who came from Long Beach, got there an hour after us. When they got there, it was our first time seeing their 10 month old son Finley (Finn), and it was their first time seeing Sean!

Mandi bought Sean and Finn matching Paul Frank pajamas. Even though it was scorching hot this weekend at the lake, we had to put them in the pj's for a picture session, if nothing else.

We had a great time this weekend hanging out with Mandi and Eric. We ventured into downtown Paso Robles on Saturday to wine taste and walk around, went to the pool, played spades, and watched our little ones interact. We're so glad we were able to get these pictures now to look back on when they're all grown up.

The lake house is under contruction and we can't wait to get back there and see it all completed. It's going to be awesome. It works out great having a meeting place halfway between LA and the Bay Area so that we can meet up with Mandi and Eric without having to fly.

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