Saturday, July 11, 2009

Northstar at Tahoe Vacation

We just got back from 6 days at Tahoe. We stayed at Northstar, but made quite a few trips into Lake Tahoe to see the lake, go to lunch or dinner, or to check out Emerald Bay. I will follow up with a separate post highlighting our Emerald Bay excursion so will leave it out of this post.

Sean at the condo:

We drove up Sunday, July 5th, and spent the first three nights just the three of us. It was very relaxing, and was Sean's first vacation our first vacation as a young family. When Sean napped or went to bed, we enjoyed good wine, and played lots of Yahtzee and Cribbage.

On Wednesday evening my parents and (nearly) 19-year-old sister Beth showed up. This picture is from Wednesday night when my parents treated us to dinner at Steamers in Kings Beach (north shore). We ate on the deck that looks out on the lake. While waiting for our pizza, my parents took Sean for a walk on the beach. When I chased them down to let them know the food was ready, I got this great picture:

On Thursday, Darcy, my dad, and I drove an hour out to Plumas Pines golf course. It was a great day of golf.

On Friday we drove out to Sunnyside, which is a restaurant right by Homewood on the west shore that serves great food on a deck that overlooks Lake Tahoe. Darcy, Sean, and I went there on Tuesday for lunch after our Emerald Bay hike as well so this was our second visit to Sunnyside of the trip. No complaints as the food and the views are second to none!

Beth and Darcy:

The date on Friday was July 10th, which marked my parents 33rd wedding anniversary. They celebrated with Bloody Mary's.

We of course had to get the famous "Hula Pie" for dessert. Here is before and after pics.

Click this sentence for all the best pictures from our weeklong trip (this album excludes our Emerald Bay excursion).

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Suzi said...

Looks like you guys had a good time! What a nice first trip for Sean. I loved all the pics and videos, and I am glad Darcy is back so we can chat on the phone again! :) xoxo