Monday, June 15, 2009

Sean in Hospital

Many of you know through my Facebook update on Friday that Sean went to the hospital. His stomach was "retracting" with each breath, and it concerned me too much not to call Kaiser and ask about it. The nurse, after consulting with a doctor, recommended the ER rather than waiting a few hours for an appointment at the clinic.

Not willing to take any risks, I took their advice and brought him in. Darcy, who was already at work, came home and we took him in together. It was one of the longer days of our lives as we sat in the ER room, and then later a more comfortable pediatric room on the third floor for hours on end, getting periodic visits from nurses and doctors.

Sean was in a good mood most of the day despite his wheezing and retracting. After quite a bit of testing and consultation, we were finally released at 8pm on Friday night - after 12hrs straight at Kaiser Santa Clara, which is the hospital Sean was born at. I went home a couple times to take Bosco out, but Darcy was there the whole time! Way to go mom.

Please click on this sentence to view pictures from throughout this memorable, although scary and not very fun, day.

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Kristine Gray said...

Poor little guy! I'm sorry you guys had to go through that. What did they finally conclude after ALL that time?