Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sick Baby Sean

Tuesday and Wednesday I stayed home from the office to take care of Sean.  He came down with a fever/cold/cough, and there was no way he could go to daycare.  Yesterday (Wednesday) was probably his worst day.  He was running a temperature between 100-102 all day with a stuffy nose and regular coughing.  He barely wanted food, and falling asleep didn't happen before moaned for awhile in his crib.

This morning he slept in until nearly 8am, which is sleeping way in for him, and was in a better mood.  He was back to his usual form of babbling "Dadadada" and playing with his toys.  However, the thermometer was still outputting triple digits, his nose was still runny, and he still coughed occassionally.

I'm at work now as Darcy is home with him.  We hope he's better enough to go back to Aunt Deb's tomorrow so we can both go to work for a day before the long weekend.  However, there's still a chance he could be just as bad today as he was yesterday.  Good luck Darcy.

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