Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sean's First Giants Game

My friend and roomate from college, Mike Abendroth, invited Darcy, Sean and I to the Giants game today. The event had been planned for over a month, and we were both excited and nervous for it. Excited because we got to see a Giants game from great seats and meet Mike's fiance Vikki, but nervous because there was no telling how Sean would behave. If you remember, the Warriors game didn't go so well a couple of months back, but luckily, the environment at a baseball game is not quite as loud and frightening as an NBA arena.

Sean was great! He had a 2.5 hour nap from 9-11:30, and then we left. He was all smiles in the car, and then a delight for the first six innings, and then tolerable for the last 4 innings (the game went 10 innings). It also helped that the game moved fast. Both starters hurled shutouts with low pitch counts.

Pictures from the game:

In the top of the tenth inning a Rockie batter fouled a ball that ricocheted off the second deck and right down to us. I was holding Sean so reacted by protecting him, but Mike stood up and made a stellar barehanded grab! After making the catch he yelled out "YA!", which scared Sean and made him cry. It was a great scene as those around us cheered Mikes catch but also awed over how it made a baby cry. It was a great moment we won't soon forget. Mike gave Sean the baseball. Thanks Mike!

Darcy also went to guest services and got Sean a "First Baseball Game" certificate for Sean:

The day was a success. Good game. Sean behaved. It didn't rain. The Giants won. And a very memorable event happened when Mike caught the foul ball, startled Sean in the process, and then gave him the ball.

Box score of the game can be found by clicking HERE. Rich Aurilia had the game winning hit in the bottom of the tenth to knock in the only run of the game.


Mike said...

Vikki and I had so much fun! I'm just glad Sean and me are still buddies after "the incident."

Nick Chertock said...

Impressive feat of athleticism...making a baby cry.

Michael said...

what a great story for his first american pastime excursion. I'm sure he will have many to come. I hope that you will let him grow up and chose his own team and not push your own antiquated values on him. He might want to be a nationals fan or something.