Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cheese, Ottomon Blockade, and Recent Pics

Here's a video I took of Sean today at the Los Gatos Brewing company. He was a good boy while we ate lunch. We're finding that the best way to keep him happy when we're in public places and we have to keep him under control is to keep giving him food. He was happy when mommy offered him some cheese here:

I just uploaded nearly three weeks worth of pictures. I went through them and handpicked some of the better ones for you.

Click on this sentence to view the web album

One of the more funny ones to us is the one where Bosco is eating his dinner on the stairs behind Sean playing in his ottoman.

As you can imagine, we can't leave Bosco's food out on the carpet anymore because Sean is sure to dump it out and start eating it. We now put Bosco's food on the stairs behind the ottoman blockade we create when Sean plays downstairs. If we don't, he crawls up the stairs, which is too dangerous to allow. With my supervision, he has made it all the way the 13 stairs several times!

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wad said...

Oh wow! SO CUTE! Cheese seems to be the best bribe for little kids. At my sister's wedding, we had to bribe my three year old cousin with cheese and marshmallows. Amazing what a little food can do!