Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cheese, Ottomon Blockade, and Recent Pics

Here's a video I took of Sean today at the Los Gatos Brewing company. He was a good boy while we ate lunch. We're finding that the best way to keep him happy when we're in public places and we have to keep him under control is to keep giving him food. He was happy when mommy offered him some cheese here:

I just uploaded nearly three weeks worth of pictures. I went through them and handpicked some of the better ones for you.

Click on this sentence to view the web album

One of the more funny ones to us is the one where Bosco is eating his dinner on the stairs behind Sean playing in his ottoman.

As you can imagine, we can't leave Bosco's food out on the carpet anymore because Sean is sure to dump it out and start eating it. We now put Bosco's food on the stairs behind the ottoman blockade we create when Sean plays downstairs. If we don't, he crawls up the stairs, which is too dangerous to allow. With my supervision, he has made it all the way the 13 stairs several times!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Back At Daycare

I'm happy to report that Sean's fever is down and despite his still runny nose and occassional cough, he is back at Daycare today - for the first time since Monday.

It was a rough three days for Darcy and I, but most of all for him.  We're very thankful for his recovery, and hope his appetite picks back up soon.  

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sick Baby Sean

Tuesday and Wednesday I stayed home from the office to take care of Sean.  He came down with a fever/cold/cough, and there was no way he could go to daycare.  Yesterday (Wednesday) was probably his worst day.  He was running a temperature between 100-102 all day with a stuffy nose and regular coughing.  He barely wanted food, and falling asleep didn't happen before moaned for awhile in his crib.

This morning he slept in until nearly 8am, which is sleeping way in for him, and was in a better mood.  He was back to his usual form of babbling "Dadadada" and playing with his toys.  However, the thermometer was still outputting triple digits, his nose was still runny, and he still coughed occassionally.

I'm at work now as Darcy is home with him.  We hope he's better enough to go back to Aunt Deb's tomorrow so we can both go to work for a day before the long weekend.  However, there's still a chance he could be just as bad today as he was yesterday.  Good luck Darcy.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sean Goes to the Park!

I have watched this video a few times now, and I can't help but smile every time.

He wasn't as giggly on the slide, but still cute to watch him go down it with mommy.

We also took some pictures of this adventure.

Yep, Bosco came too as you can see in the background here:

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sean Enters the Swimming Pool

Darcy enrolled Sean in a baby swimming class. The goal isn't for him to learn the butterfly or become the next olympian, but just to get acquainted with the water and hopefully have some fun.

Sean definitely wasn't smiling the much, keeping mostly a straight face, but didn't cry either. By the end of the 30 minute session Sean had done the following: Sang lots of songs while dancing in the pool, dunked his entire head underwater for a brief second (which startled him, but did not make him cry), floated on his back and his stomach with our assistance, and even practiced the motion of getting in and out of the pool.

We return to the pool next Sunday for another session.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sean's First Giants Game

My friend and roomate from college, Mike Abendroth, invited Darcy, Sean and I to the Giants game today. The event had been planned for over a month, and we were both excited and nervous for it. Excited because we got to see a Giants game from great seats and meet Mike's fiance Vikki, but nervous because there was no telling how Sean would behave. If you remember, the Warriors game didn't go so well a couple of months back, but luckily, the environment at a baseball game is not quite as loud and frightening as an NBA arena.

Sean was great! He had a 2.5 hour nap from 9-11:30, and then we left. He was all smiles in the car, and then a delight for the first six innings, and then tolerable for the last 4 innings (the game went 10 innings). It also helped that the game moved fast. Both starters hurled shutouts with low pitch counts.

Pictures from the game:

In the top of the tenth inning a Rockie batter fouled a ball that ricocheted off the second deck and right down to us. I was holding Sean so reacted by protecting him, but Mike stood up and made a stellar barehanded grab! After making the catch he yelled out "YA!", which scared Sean and made him cry. It was a great scene as those around us cheered Mikes catch but also awed over how it made a baby cry. It was a great moment we won't soon forget. Mike gave Sean the baseball. Thanks Mike!

Darcy also went to guest services and got Sean a "First Baseball Game" certificate for Sean:

The day was a success. Good game. Sean behaved. It didn't rain. The Giants won. And a very memorable event happened when Mike caught the foul ball, startled Sean in the process, and then gave him the ball.

Box score of the game can be found by clicking HERE. Rich Aurilia had the game winning hit in the bottom of the tenth to knock in the only run of the game.