Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sean and Malana Hang Out... Twice

Sean got to see his friend Malana Schreiber not once, but twice this weekend. I babysat the two them Saturday for about 90 minutes while Darcy and Krissy (Malana's mom) went and did Dream Dinners.

Then, today we drove to Pleasanton to meet up with Krissy and Malana and our friend Jenn Scholting, who lives in Walnut Creek, to take photos. Jenn is a professional photographer and enjoys taking pictures of Sean and Malana (lucky us).

I brought our telephoto lens and Darcy and I took pictures while Jenn snapped away. Her pictures will no doubt be better than ours, but at least our we get to see same day.

Here they are (click this sentence), but beware, there are quite a few of them!

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