Sunday, April 19, 2009

11 Days Straight Without Aunt Deb

Aunt Deb was off last week so Sean got to spend some time with his grandparents on both sides. He stayed in Ceres after Easter with the Baker's until Tuesday evening, when Mike and Barbara drove him to us since Mike conveniently had to teach in San Jose. We took Barbara out to dinner while Mike was working. Darcy took the day off work on Wednesday to drive him to Marin County where my Mom met them. They had lunch together, swapped the car seat, did the Sean hand-off, and headed to their respective homes.

On Friday I drove up to Santa Rosa to get him, but didn't return until today. Yesterday I got to play golf with my dad in Santa Rosa at the Santa Rosa Country Club. What a treat it was to get to play that course!

My mom gave him a bath Friday night:

I put him down for a nap Saturday and he fell asleep sitting up and flopped his body over his legs and feet, thumb in mouth, like this:

Ok, gotta watch the rest of this Sharks game. They are down 3-2 with five minutes left. They need this!

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kainoa said...

I fell asleep like that at the bar the other night.