Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sean Crawls Now, And Grandpa Turns 57

When I got home from work on Friday, I was excited to see Sean crawling for mommy! His technique definitely has room for improvement, but he has no problem scooting all over our condo. Only two days into his new skill, he is already up to no good. He follows Eddie around, he continually goes after Bosco's food, and he gravitates toward Eddie's scratcher. We already went to Target and got socket safety covers.

Check out a video of him crawling:

On March 18th, my dad turned turned 57. To celebrate, we planned a Saturday night dinner in the city at Mamacita's in the Marina district. Beth just finished her second quarter of Cal Poly so she was able to make it. Darcy and I brought Sean, and Trisha brought her boyfriend Paul Renno. Here they are at the restaurant:

We walked from Trisha's place on Polk & Chestnut to the restaurant. It was about a mile or so, so we brought the stroller for Sean. Luckily, the restaurant atmosphere was loud so we didn't have to worry about Sean being disruptive if he was to get cranky. Overall, he was pretty good though. Daddy, Grandpa, and Grammie traded off holding him most of the dinner, but he spent some time in the high chair as well.

Grandpa holding Sean at dinner:

Grammie holding Sean at dinner:

Darcy and I at dinner:

After dinner we walked to ice cream/yogurt, but not before stopping by a bar where Trisha's longtime friend Sara Senn was watching NCAA tourney action with some friends. it was a packed bar with TVs and young people everywhere. Great scene. As Sara came out to visit we were able to catch the end of both the Duke and Gonzaga games. Gonzaga won in amazing fashion with a layup at the buzzer after the guy dribbled the length of the court following a tying basket by Western Kentucky with less than 10 seconds left!

Here's Trisha with Sara, who is a faithful NN reader. Good seeing you Sara!

Once we made it back to Trisha's place the night was pretty much over. However, we did squeeze in this sibling picture:

Lastly, and on a separate note, I wanted to point out that Sean can now hold his own bottle when feeding. In fact, yesterday Darcy laid him down by himself with the bottle and he drank the whole bottle all by himself! Hey Sean, where's your other sock?

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Michael said...

You think thats a good thing, but now he's mobile... those good days are over... lol... put away your stuff... good deal for sean what a great little kid...