Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sean - 7 Months Old

7.... That is how many months Sean has been with us.

3... That is how many days until Darcy turns 29.

2... That is how many months until I turn 29.

Back to Sean... He is 212 days old, or 30 weeks plus two days. We have watched him grow from a tiny little 7 pound infant who kept his eyes closed 80% of the time, to a very strong and energetic 7 month old on the verge of crawling. We look forward to spending time with him every day and are always excited to see if he'll do something for the first time. Just yesterday I saw him go from laying on his tummy to sitting up all by himself. I think he was as surprised as I was with the accomplishment!

You can navigate Narduzzi Nation to find old photos of Sean, but here are a few we took tonight before, during, and after his bath, on his 7 month birthday.

This is why he needed the bath:

Just before getting into the bath:

Here he is in the bath:

I really like this one:

Almost the same pose with a different facial expression:

Sean started acting up so I made him give me 20 pushups:

kidding of course... I can only wish he could take orders like that!

We love you Sean!


Darcy said...

Ha! I like the push-up part...I love him!

Amanda Berkes said...

What a cutie! 7 months already!

Michael said...

He is turning into quite the young boy.