Sunday, March 15, 2009

Quick Trip to Oakland and Back

It's feels a little odd to be sitting here typing, watching the second half of the Warrior game on TV in my living room knowing I was at Oracle Arena for the pregame, first quarter, and start of the second quarter.

I brought my telephoto lens and got some great shots of warmups, including this up close picture of Metallica lead singer James Hetfield, who was seated just five rows in front of us.

I also got some zoomed in shots of Shaq, Steve Nash, and a few other Phoenix Suns players.

Shaq looks big on TV, but even bigger in person. Former Warrior Jason Richardson is also pictured:

Santa Clara graduate Steve Nash tying his shorts just before tip-off:

Also interesting was seeing Kevin Oppelt. He was a grade ahead of me in school, but we often hung out in the same circle in high school. He went to my rival high school Montgomery, but often spent time with Santa Rosa High guys. After high school, he went to the University of Arizona, and worked for the basketball team as a trainer. Now, apparently he works for the Phoenix Suns! Not a bad gig. Here are the shots I got of him (he is the middle trainer).

Back to why I'm watching the remainder of the game at home. Sean was doing great until something exciting happened and the crowd noise spiked - startling him and making him cry. Five minutes into the game I took him to the club level bar area and fed him, hoping that a full Sean would be more content and less bothered by the intense noise. Unfortunately, when we went back to our seats for the start of the second quarter, Sean once again cried each time the crowd noise intensified following an exciting play.

It was then we knew we had to leave. So we drove home in the daylight, occasionally giggling at what had just happened. Do we regret driving our seventh month old baby to Oakland and back to watch half of the first quarter of the game? No. We made a memory that we will laugh about for probably forever.

The game turned out to be a blowout loss for the Warriors, so at least we didn't end up missing a thriller.

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