Monday, March 9, 2009

Bakers Visit on Saturday

Darcy's Parents visited on Saturday. The motivation for their visit was Darcy's birthday, but I'd bet the chance to see Sean was a motivator as well.

After visiting and taking a few pictures, we headed to downtown Campbell to eat lunch and enjoy the beautiful weather. We sat outside and ate at Aqui.

After sitting at the table for way longer than it took for us to eat our food, we got up and walked around. I ended up buying new sunglasses. Mike bought a new hat. And we bought Sean a new hat as well.

In this picture I'm wearing my new shades, but Sean isn't wearing his new hat:

Later on we saw the tight end for the 49ers Vernon Davis getting into his car outside of Starbucks in downtown Campbell. I yelled out, "what's up Vernon!?", and he replied back "what's up brotha". I didn't bust out my camera to take a pic, but here is a picture of him:


Mike said...

Did Vernon drop his keys too? He's got butter fingers.

wad said...

Darcy, your mom looks EXACTLY the same...she hasn't aged a day!