Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sean's New Ottoman

Today I went to Target after the gym to get a few items, including kitty litter and gallon ziplock bags, but came home with more than I had planned - which is typical when going to Target.

Located a few aisles down from the ziplock bags is the furniture section. I was walking by the aisle when something caught my eye. It was this ottoman:

As I stared at this ottoman a few thoughts hit me as to why I wanted it.

1 - Darcy and I spend a lot of time on the floor with Sean playing with him. It sure would be nice to have a low seat to sit on sometimes.

2 - It would make a great place for all his toys, like so:

3 - It will be perfect for Sean to use to practice standing. Much better than our coffee table because of how soft it is. If he is to hit his head on it is very soft, and has no corners.

4 - It's good looking and matches the colors of our living room.

What didn't occur to me is that Sean could be placed into the ottoman with all his toys and be completely entertained. Not only that, but it's very safe for him in there because he can't fall over. Obviously we won't be putting him in there all the time, but it was pretty funny how well he enjoyed it.

Check it out:


Mindy said...

That is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Sean is a wonder boy. I need to see him soon.

Love, Mom

Suzi said...