Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sean - 5.5 months

Here are some recent pictures of Sean, who is now 5 1/2 months old.

Getting ready to eat rice cereal:

Sitting up playing with his toys:

Up close face shots:


Sean will be too young to remember the day that America swore in its first ever black president. We were sure to take a picture of him with the inauguration on in the background so that he can look at it someday to put this historic day in the context of his own life. When I was his age, it was Ronald Reagan getting sworn in... 28 years later, Barack Obama.

Today my parents visited us for a few hours with my sister Beth, who was on her way back to Cal Poly, this time with a car! Having gone to Cal Poly myself, I know firsthand that having a car in SLO is essential. I'm happy for her and the new freedom she'll have and am confident she'll be responsible and safe.

My dad with his first and currently only grandson, who he calls "Sean Michael":

Beth feeding Sean:

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Kristine Gray said...

What a cutie! We do need to do a playdate soon.