Sunday, January 18, 2009

Great Hockey Game Saturday Night!

Last night we were lucky enough to get tickets to the Sharks/Red Wings game at the HP Pavilion. It was a huge regular season matchup against the two powerhouses in the Western Conference of the NHL. Despite the Sharks great start of historic proportion, the Red Wings are right on their tails in the standings, and this game was pivotal in terms of determining who was really the team to beat.

Even though the game started at Sean's bedtime, we decided to bring him. I held him in the Bjorn for most of the game, and he was very well behaved. He got noticeably more tired during the end of the game, but hung in there, and didn't force us to leave early. Thanks Sean!

During the first period the jumbo tron advertised the "Save of the Game" which was a baby Sharks hat and onesie for $20 instead of the normal $25. Before I could finishing reading it Darcy was already on her way to buy it.

The game was epic! The Sharks won 6-5, and it was back and forth all night long. The Sharks took the early lead, but the Red Wings fought back, taking the lead in the second period, before the Sharks tied it up 4-4 going in to the third period. The Sharks then blew the game open in the final period with back to back breakaway goals. They were incredible to watch, and the Shark tank was rocking with a playoff-like atmosphere!

We both got pictures with Sean with the ice in the background so we would have proof of his first ever hockey game.

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Suzi said...

I love everything about this post... Sean in a hat, Darcy buying him more Sharks gear since it was $5 off, Jeff's recap of the game. You rock!