Sunday, January 11, 2009

Football Playoffs Weekend.

What I love about January is what I loved about this weekend - NFL playoffs.

They come at a perfect time, following the usually hectic month of December just in time for us to want to have a few lazy weekends where we barely leave the house. Work is back in full swing, we just saw family and friends over the holidays so plans are minimal, and the weather is cold, making it a weekend for hitting the gym, eating a few good meals, and following along to the drama that is the NFL playoffs.

With the parity in today's league every game seems to be a crapshoot. No longer are there teams like the 49ers of the 80's or the Cowboys of the early 90's that you just knew would win. This weekend saw three of the four away teams winning, with the Steelers being the lone team left that didn't play in a wild card game! As to who will win next week, I think right now you'd have to say Pittsburgh and Philly would be slightly favored, but really who knows! After all, nobody though Arizona would win this weekend, so an unlikely outcome almost seems probable.

This weekend we watched the games with Melissa O'Neal, who is Darcy longtime childhood friend. Perhaps you remenber when she visited us in October. She figured out a hand game to play with Sean that made him laugh. It was pretty funny. Please excuse her morning hair in this picture:

This morning Darcy gave Sean a bath in a new bath chair. It worked well. While in the seat, Darcy put Sean's hair into a mini mohawk.

Next weekend things will be a little more busy. Friday night we're going to San Francisco to watch Darcy's sister Meghan play the guitar and sing at a cafe, and on Saturday night our friends Jeff and Jennifer Pratt are visiting.

But let's be serious, I'll still be following the NFC and AFC championship games to see how it all unfolds.

Today I got thinking... Gosh, wouldn't it be fun if the Niners were playing in big games like this again!?

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