Thursday, January 29, 2009

Daddy's Headband

Yesterday I came home from work for a couple hours to spend time with Sean before taking a late evening trip to the gym. When I got home I went straight upstairs to change into my workout clothes, of course grabbing my headband to take downstairs with me so I wouldn't forget it when I left. While playing with Sean I got the idea to try the headband on him. He didn't mind at all!

Wearing a headband is a must for me when running on the treadmill. Without it, my headphones almost always stop working because of sweat. With the headband, this problem is alleviated.

I actually start running without my headband on, but put it on at about the 10 minute mark, which is when I start to need to really need it. When I'm done, I wring it out like a wet beach towel.


Mike said...

This is the greatest photo!

Sharee and Arthur said...

You guys have such a cute little boy!

Suzi said...

Don't need to know about your sweating habits... but Sean is the cutest! xoxo