Thursday, January 29, 2009

Daddy's Headband

Yesterday I came home from work for a couple hours to spend time with Sean before taking a late evening trip to the gym. When I got home I went straight upstairs to change into my workout clothes, of course grabbing my headband to take downstairs with me so I wouldn't forget it when I left. While playing with Sean I got the idea to try the headband on him. He didn't mind at all!

Wearing a headband is a must for me when running on the treadmill. Without it, my headphones almost always stop working because of sweat. With the headband, this problem is alleviated.

I actually start running without my headband on, but put it on at about the 10 minute mark, which is when I start to need to really need it. When I'm done, I wring it out like a wet beach towel.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sean - 5.5 months

Here are some recent pictures of Sean, who is now 5 1/2 months old.

Getting ready to eat rice cereal:

Sitting up playing with his toys:

Up close face shots:


Sean will be too young to remember the day that America swore in its first ever black president. We were sure to take a picture of him with the inauguration on in the background so that he can look at it someday to put this historic day in the context of his own life. When I was his age, it was Ronald Reagan getting sworn in... 28 years later, Barack Obama.

Today my parents visited us for a few hours with my sister Beth, who was on her way back to Cal Poly, this time with a car! Having gone to Cal Poly myself, I know firsthand that having a car in SLO is essential. I'm happy for her and the new freedom she'll have and am confident she'll be responsible and safe.

My dad with his first and currently only grandson, who he calls "Sean Michael":

Beth feeding Sean:

Saturday, January 24, 2009

LeBron Breaks Warrior Fan's Hearts at the Buzzer

Last night I saw LeBron James and the Cleveland Caveliers in their only bay area visit of the season, taking on the competitive, but struggling Golden State Warriors.

The game had as much or more buzz around it than any Warrior home game all season. Not only was the biggest superstar in the league going to be there, but it was also Monta Ellis' return game from his infamous mo-ped accident that severely injured his ankle.

Here's a shot of the teams lined up for the national anthem. LeBron is lower left.

I was able to get down really close to the court at halftime and got this shot of the Warriors warming up for the second half. Monta is the second Warrior from the left:

The game was a thriller. It was close the entire way, with multiple lead changes. As you can see here, it was tied 99-99 with 1:04 remaining and Stephen Jackson shooting free throws:

With 6.4 seconds left, and the Warriors trailing 103-104, Stephen Jackson fired up an ill-advised 20 footer, but made it! I would have preferred the Warriors had milked the clock down to 1 or 2 seconds with their final possession and let Monta drive to the hoop. It was great that Jackson made the shot giving the Warriors a 105-104 lead, but the problem was it left the leagues leading MVP candidate 6.4 seconds to try to win the game!

Sure enough, LeBron sunk a 15 foot jumper as time expired, deflating the crowd, and sending us home both frustrated and awe-struck. This is a a game that I will not soon forget.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Great Hockey Game Saturday Night!

Last night we were lucky enough to get tickets to the Sharks/Red Wings game at the HP Pavilion. It was a huge regular season matchup against the two powerhouses in the Western Conference of the NHL. Despite the Sharks great start of historic proportion, the Red Wings are right on their tails in the standings, and this game was pivotal in terms of determining who was really the team to beat.

Even though the game started at Sean's bedtime, we decided to bring him. I held him in the Bjorn for most of the game, and he was very well behaved. He got noticeably more tired during the end of the game, but hung in there, and didn't force us to leave early. Thanks Sean!

During the first period the jumbo tron advertised the "Save of the Game" which was a baby Sharks hat and onesie for $20 instead of the normal $25. Before I could finishing reading it Darcy was already on her way to buy it.

The game was epic! The Sharks won 6-5, and it was back and forth all night long. The Sharks took the early lead, but the Red Wings fought back, taking the lead in the second period, before the Sharks tied it up 4-4 going in to the third period. The Sharks then blew the game open in the final period with back to back breakaway goals. They were incredible to watch, and the Shark tank was rocking with a playoff-like atmosphere!

We both got pictures with Sean with the ice in the background so we would have proof of his first ever hockey game.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Football Playoffs Weekend.

What I love about January is what I loved about this weekend - NFL playoffs.

They come at a perfect time, following the usually hectic month of December just in time for us to want to have a few lazy weekends where we barely leave the house. Work is back in full swing, we just saw family and friends over the holidays so plans are minimal, and the weather is cold, making it a weekend for hitting the gym, eating a few good meals, and following along to the drama that is the NFL playoffs.

With the parity in today's league every game seems to be a crapshoot. No longer are there teams like the 49ers of the 80's or the Cowboys of the early 90's that you just knew would win. This weekend saw three of the four away teams winning, with the Steelers being the lone team left that didn't play in a wild card game! As to who will win next week, I think right now you'd have to say Pittsburgh and Philly would be slightly favored, but really who knows! After all, nobody though Arizona would win this weekend, so an unlikely outcome almost seems probable.

This weekend we watched the games with Melissa O'Neal, who is Darcy longtime childhood friend. Perhaps you remenber when she visited us in October. She figured out a hand game to play with Sean that made him laugh. It was pretty funny. Please excuse her morning hair in this picture:

This morning Darcy gave Sean a bath in a new bath chair. It worked well. While in the seat, Darcy put Sean's hair into a mini mohawk.

Next weekend things will be a little more busy. Friday night we're going to San Francisco to watch Darcy's sister Meghan play the guitar and sing at a cafe, and on Saturday night our friends Jeff and Jennifer Pratt are visiting.

But let's be serious, I'll still be following the NFC and AFC championship games to see how it all unfolds.

Today I got thinking... Gosh, wouldn't it be fun if the Niners were playing in big games like this again!?

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sean's New Ottoman

Today I went to Target after the gym to get a few items, including kitty litter and gallon ziplock bags, but came home with more than I had planned - which is typical when going to Target.

Located a few aisles down from the ziplock bags is the furniture section. I was walking by the aisle when something caught my eye. It was this ottoman:

As I stared at this ottoman a few thoughts hit me as to why I wanted it.

1 - Darcy and I spend a lot of time on the floor with Sean playing with him. It sure would be nice to have a low seat to sit on sometimes.

2 - It would make a great place for all his toys, like so:

3 - It will be perfect for Sean to use to practice standing. Much better than our coffee table because of how soft it is. If he is to hit his head on it is very soft, and has no corners.

4 - It's good looking and matches the colors of our living room.

What didn't occur to me is that Sean could be placed into the ottoman with all his toys and be completely entertained. Not only that, but it's very safe for him in there because he can't fall over. Obviously we won't be putting him in there all the time, but it was pretty funny how well he enjoyed it.

Check it out:

Sunday, January 4, 2009

5 Months Old

Tomorrow (or today for those of you who subscribe via email), Sean is 5 months old. It's been so much fun watching him grow, but we're starting to wish time would slow down a little. He's getting so big so fast. He is much more aware of his surroundings now, and is full of smiles. He loves to eat his rice cereal and oatmeal, and sits like a little bird with his mouth open waiting for the next bite. He is sitting up now, until he gets tired, then he plops over and ends up on his stomach somehow. He will hardly stay on his back anymore, he'd rather be on his tummy. He gets frustrated when something is out of reach, and will let you know! He's grabbing on to EVERYTHING and trying to put everything in his mouth. These are all common milestones for a baby, but it's still amazing to see when just a couple months ago he was so different. 

We've had a lot of fun spending so much time with him over the last two weeks, but tomorrow it's back to reality and Sean goes back to daycare. I'm sure Aunt Deb will be shocked by how much he's changed since she's seen him last. 

Happy New Year!

We spent our New Year's Eve in Modesto with my parents, Meghan and Cat. Meghan slaved all day to prepare a delicious meal, which we enjoyed with Sean in his high chair joining in on the festivities. We played a few games (our favorites right now are Settlers of Catan and Blokus) and unfortunately didn't make  it to midnight. 

On Thursday morning we took Sean over to the Scott's house to meet Diane and Bruce. They are my best friend Suzi's parents so I've known them since second grade. It was great for them to finally meet Sean.

Then we headed off to Strawberry, which is near Pinecrest, to spend the next two nights at the Hill's cabin with my family. When we got there Thursday afternoon we introduced Sean to something he hadn't seen yet...snow! He was so cute in his little snowsuit (thanks Finley!).  
Friday my mom, sister and Sean stayed at the cabin while Jeff, my dad, Cat and I headed to Dodge Ridge to get in a day at the slopes. It started out nice, not too cold, but by lunch it was snowing pretty hard and the visibility wasn't great. We did two runs after lunch and then called it a day since we were soaking wet and exhausted. It was still a fun day skiing and probably the only chance I'll get this year.

We spent the rest of the time at the cabin relaxing, reading, playing games and being entertained by Sean. 

I hope you all had a wonderful 2008 and wish you the best for 2009!

Happy New Year from the Narduzzis - Jeff, Darcy, Sean, Bosco & Eddie