Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas this year was yet another adventure, which as it has in years past, contained quite a bit of driving around the bay area.

We started out by driving to Ceres on Wednesday night, Dec 23rd.

1st Event: Opening gifts with the Bakers (8am - 11am, 12/24)

2nd Event: Scott luncheon to get this group together (1130am - 2pm, 12/24):

And most importantly, to get our children together for the first time:

3rd Event: Xmas Eve gathering at Dave and Laurie's house in Modesto (3pm - 730pm, 12/24).

Following this event we drove directly to Santa Rosa, arriving just before 10pm.

4th Event: Xmas morning at the Narduzzis (830am - 1pm, 12/25).

5th Event: Visiting Jeff's Nonni & Nonno and Mario's family (who live in China) (130pm - 230pm, 12/25)

6th Event: Xmas with Jeff's Mom's side at Rick and Rocky's house (230pm - 9pm, 12/25)

These six events sum up our Xmas 2009 activities. Not bad, heh!? We had a great time but were definitely ready to wind down when it was all over. On 12/26, we took advantage of grandma and grandpa to babysit Sean while we saw Avatar in 3-D, which was very cool. My friend Dylan came with us, as well as Trisha and Beth.

On Sunday, 12/27, we left Santa Rosa for home just before 9am.

Click this sentence to check out more pictures from these two busy days of Xmas 2009. I even did captions for most of them.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Alton Kirkpatrick Narduzzi - Dec. 13th, 2009

I just uploaded 223 pictures taken over the last two weeks. The first group of those pictures was from the 20th-somethingth Alton-Kirkpatrick-Narduzzi Christmas gathering. Due to scheduling issues, it had to take place on a Sunday this year.

I wrote about this event last year, which took place at my parents house HERE. This year we went to the Kirkpatrick's house in Healdsburg.

I so wish I would have stolen an old 80's picture of the group from this gathering, but didn't think of it when I was in Santa Rosa. It would have been great to include an old photo of us all as kids and of our parents looking a tad younger ;). But I didn't... so we move on...

First, here are the originals:

The Additions (with the originals). We used the timer on the camera to get everyone in:

I'm so happy we make sure to schedule this event each year. I look forward to many more in the future as well as a continually growing group!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Bosco Update...

As you faithfuls know, Bosco had knee surgery in mid November. Following surgery, his shaven left back leg was stitched up and in more pain than ever. When we set him on the grass to pee, he hobbled around on three legs, not even letting his sore knee tough the ground... After all, it had just been cut into, had a wire placed in it, and then sewn back up.

Five weeks later, we are thrilled to report that Bosco is doing much better. His walk still has a small hitch in it, but he is noticeably more active and spirited than he's been in a long time. He can easily jump on the couch, or up on our bed, and has no problem going up and down the stairs; Just like old times. Sometimes he gets a little too excited and ambitious and we have to calm him down, or even put him in the crate for a little time-out. We are still worried that the wrong move could damage the surgery before the tissue around it has a chance to fully strengthen.

We are hopeful that by mid-January, Bosco will be walking completely fine, like before the injury. We will no longer take him to the park and let him tear after a chucked frisbee, but we hope to start walking him again. Back in the day we used to take him on some pretty long walks, and at only six years of age, we still think he has many more long walks in him.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cold Weather

I remember one Santa Rosa winter morning in the mid-late 90's something unfortunate happened.... It was cold weather related... the cold weather today reminded me of it.

That high school day morning, the windsheild of my trusty white 1986 Mazda 626 was totally frozen over. In fact, my helpful mom probably had to run out and throw a jug of water on it as I revved the engine and ran the windshield wipers just so I could see. This was very common. I had zero period so left for school especially early, and this day it was especially cold.

That day, little did I know, the door was also frozen shut! When I attempted to open the door it wouldn't open, so I pulled harder. Didn't open again. So I pulled even harder. Still wouldn't open. Then I pulled so hard I broke the handle! The chinsy handle was connected to the inside of the door by two bars of plastic. After this incident, it was now hanging by only one. Just great! Like that would ever get fixed. But it sure would be an annoyance as long as I drove the car.

I drove the car for a couple more years, including the third quarter of my freshman year of college when I finally convinced my parents to let me take a car to school. All through that time, I had to deal with the fate that pulling a little too hard on a frozen car door handle that one cold morning brought me.

Cold Weather... I'll never forgive you for that.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Sean - Almost 16 Months Old

Sean will be 16 months old this coming Saturday and he is definitely a toddler instead of a baby now. He is developing quite a funny personality, he loves to be silly and laugh. It's nearly impossible for us to get him to sit still for a picture these days, but here are a few that we managed recently.

Sean's favorite things to do are sit on our lap or the couch while we read him a book. Sometimes we even get to read the same book three times in a row or more. He loves to go into the kitchen to get utensils or tupperware, or try to escape up the stairs before we can get to him. He recently discovered the back deck and loves it out there, especially when Eddie goes out there with him.

He likes to show us his belly, pat his head which triggers us to sing "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes," tackle Eddie, and of course anything to do with electronics. Cell phones and remote controls are his favorites, and if we forget to put them up high enough it's hard to get them back without a fight from Mr. Sean. He likes to sit on his little car and push himself around the house backwards (he can't really go forwards yet).

He says Daddy, bye, dog, ball, sit, turtle, and kitty the most. We can tell he wants to start talking (and actually making sense) and when he does we're going to be in trouble! He's quite a dancer and will start up when a commercial jingle comes on or in the car if we have the music up.

He's quite a handful but he's keeping us entertained and laughing all the time!

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year we had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving weekend in Ceres with the Baker Family. We drove over Wednesday evening and stayed until Saturday. On Thursday, most of my mom's family along with my dad's parents joined my parents, my sister and us for a yummy dinner and some games. Sean is the youngest by about 10 years so he is the center of attention for now. He had a blast getting pushed around on the new firetruck toy that his grandma bought for him. He also loved having everyone to read books to him since Mom and Dad can't read a book to him all day every day (which he would prefer).

We enjoyed a turkey, ham, lots of fixings, three homemade pies from Great Grandma Carvalho and a chocolate cake from Meghan. We followed our lovely dinner with a huge game of Farkle with most of the family. Great Grandma kicked our butts! After the extended family left, Meghan, Jeff, Grandma and I played Yahtzee and some more Farkle into the wee hours of the night (it was at least 10pm before we went to bed which is pretty impressive).

On Friday Jeff and I were able to enjoy having some babysitters and went and visited our friends Melissa and Shannon and their new baby girl Elliott who is 3 months old. She is adorable and I'm so glad I got to meet her finally! Then the four of us, without the kiddos of course, went to see New Moon. I wish we had family that lived closer so we could do things like that more often.

After the movie we went to our favorite Ceres restaurant, La Morenita, for dinner with the whole family. Then Jeff, Sean and I went to see our friends Brandi and Japheth and their two daughters Lexi and Addison. They are growing up so fast, Addison is 2 and Lexi is 6 months old. We also got to see Brandi's parents and sister which was a treat.

On Saturday morning, Jeff, my mom and my aunt Becky went and played nine holes while I stayed home with Sean.

It was nice to be home and not have a million things to do. Sean loves being spoiled by his grandparents and Aunt Meghan. This December he will be getting a lot of this from both the Narduzzi and the Baker side, lucky him!

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving...now only 23 days left until Christmas, yikes!!!

P.S. Sorry for the lack of pictures, we were lazy!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bosco Update

It's been one week since we picked up Bosco from the vet after his ACL repair surgery. So far things seem to be going very well. His incision site looks great. Luckily he's not able to reach it with his tongue so he hasn't had to wear the cone at all. The first couple days he was pretty out of it and wasn't very interested in walking around, but now he is ready. On Monday morning I made him sit while I was getting his pills ready, but he took off up the stairs to see Jeff. Oops! But at least that means he is feeling better. Now when we take him outside for potty breaks we have to keep him on a short leash, and unfortunately he'll have to be crated while we're inside for at least a few more weeks. Hopefully by the first of the year he'll be back to his normal rambunctious self!


So I know this post is a bit late...sorry about that! We had a lot of fun for Sean's 2nd Halloween this year. He dressed up as a cheetah and we went to our friend's for pumpkin carving. Then we went to our other friend's house where we took Sean trick or treating to three houses. He didn't quite get it yet, and was more interested in putting his candy into the bowl than taking it. We hope you all had a good Halloween...we will try to update the blog more frequently!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sean's First Haircut

Anyone who has seen Sean in the last couple months knows he pretty much has a mullet "do" going. Every day it became more and more clear. In fact, at the Cal Soccer game on Sunday (my cousin Gina plays goalie) my mom even commented that it might be time to consider a haircut. She was right, it was. Plus, we have mall pictures scheduled for Friday, so that made doing the haircut this week essential.

Here's a good side shot of his mullet right before the start of his haircut:

He was very well-behaved during the haircut. Here's a video so you can get a better sense of the action:

Here are a couple of pictures that show off his new haircut:

On a side note, our crazy haircut son decided to crawl into Bosco's crate tonight!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Poor Bosco

Bosco started limping months ago. His hind left leg was clearly not normal. I took him to the vet where we got x-rays and they warned me he had a torn ACL, and surgery was necessary. At that time he was still mobile, although with a slight limp, so Darcy and I opted not to jump right on the recommended surgery. We chose to see how things went over the coming months to see if he magically heeled, etc..

Bosco's leg did get better. He slowly started walking more normally, and we even started taking him on walks again. However, he never returned to full form where he would follow me everywhere, run all over the place, or jump up on the couch as if defying gravity. One time I took him to play frisbee and afterward I could tell it made his knee sore. He also had a funny way of sitting with one if his hind legs crossed under, which apparently allows him to get back up in less painful fashion.

Just a couple days ago, his damaged leg took a major turn for the worse. We're not sure if he tweaked it, or damaged it more, but he is nearly immobile. He literally walks on three legs, and chooses not to go anywhere unless he decides he needs water or food. We have to carry him down and set him on the grass so he can relieve himself, and it's an effort for him to hobble around just to do that.

Today, Darcy and I are taking him to another vet to get a second opinion. If they also recommend surgery we are prepared to do that. He is only six years old and we want him to enjoy the rest of his life. If they have another recommendation, perhaps we'll consider it. We'll see.

I'll keep you posted. Poor guy.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sea Ranch

This weekend we took Thursday and Friday off for a four day weekend to Sea Ranch, which is a coastal community/second home get-away north of Bodega Bay but south of Fort Bragg. Here you can get an idea of where it is relative to the bay area:

We stayed in this house and had amazing views of the ocean:

When we arrived thursday morning my parents were already there. We had a great time with them. My dad cooked the most delicious steak ever on Thursday night, and on Friday, Darcy, my Dad, and I played the Sea Ranch golf course. It was a perfect day for golf - sunny and not windy. Darcy did great, especially off the tee where she was very consistent with her driver. She even had three pars!

After golf I was tired so took a nap, but Darcy, Sean, and my parents went to the beach to walk around. Unfortunately, when Sean was walking on the beach, a wasp flew to his eyelid. Sean reacting by grabbing for it, but it was too late, he was bit! Sean's eye responded by swelling up quite a bit. Saturday it was very swollen all day. Sunday the swelling went down, but it is still a little red. Hopefully it will be gone Monday or Tuesday.

Here's a picture at the beach with Grammy and Grandpa before the wasp bite:

Here's a few pics of his swollen eye:

My parents left on friday evening, and Trisha and her boyfriend Paul arrived later Friday night; at about 8pm. We had a great time with them, laughing at Sean, playing Spades, watching baseball, and cooking. On Saturday we went out to lunch in the town of Gualala at a delicious pizza restaurant. In the evening, we played spades, but broke to walk outside and enjoy the beautiful sunset. I brought my camera and snapped away!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Another Sean Walking Video

Here's another video of Sean walking. We took this yesterday, pretty good improvement in a week. It's amazing how fast babies pick things up. Pretty soon we'll be chasing him as he runs away from us :).

Grazing on the Green

Yesterday we visited Aptos for the annual 'Grazing on the Green' event that's put on by the Santa Cruz Cancer Benefit Group. We went last year when Sean was 6 weeks old, and this year for the second time. It is an awesome time, tons of booths with food and wine tasting. We sampled Starz cupcakes, Jeff enjoyed the Harris Ranch beef, and a ton of other stuff. Sean had a great time walking around but he'd had enough fun around 3pm or so and was ready to go home. Here are few pictures, we didn't take many unfortunately. Enjoy.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sean Walking and Babbling

Here's another one of Sean walking toward me and then sitting down to babble. I need a baby interpreter because it seems like whatever he is saying is really important.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Walking Sean

The "Sean-Can't-Walk-Yet" era is over. He is still a little bit shaky, but is showing daily improvement as well as increased desire to walk rather than crawl.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


- This blog has definitely changed over the last year. It used to be about me coming up with interesting things to share about my thoughts and life. Then, once Sean was born, Narduzzi Nation turned into Sean Nation. Each post was to share with you a milestone, a funny video, or something we did with him or bought for him. Lately, the posts have been very infrequent, as I've struggled to find motivation to post. I hope the motivation comes back.

- I went to a bachelor party in Las Vegas last weekend. It was my first time going there for fun since my bachelor party, and I was excited to go back. This time staying at Mandalay Bay, my luck at the blackjack table was non-existent, and I quickly gave up gambling. To me I'm either going to win or I'm not. I don't keep going back to the "you-always-win" slot machine also known as the ATM machine to get more money to try to recover what I've already lost. Not worth it. Nevertheless, it was an expensive weekend. Ouch. But lots of fun too.

- Darcy and I are taking Sean to the Santa Clara womens volleyball game tomorrow. Should be interesting. I'm not sure who they're playing.

- Our third year anniversary is September 16th. It's amazing that she and I have almost been together now for a third of our lives. We are very lucky to have each other.

- I'm watching Federer right now dismantle Soderling in the US Open quarterfinals. It's amazing how good he is, but I've never been a big fan.

- Even though the Giants have kept me interested this year, I don't believe they can make the playoffs this year. Their hitters just can't score enough runs consistently. I hope I'm wrong about them falling short.

- I'm very busy these days with sports. On Mondays after work I play softball, and on Tuesdays I play basketball. It's a new league at Fremont High School in Sunnyvale.

- Darcy and I stand a good chance of some big changes fairly soon in our lives. We're pretty excited but also nervous. When things get a little more official I'll provide details.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

AG. Pismo. SLO. Lake Nacimiento with the Berkes's

Our weekend started in Arroyo Grande, where we visited Shannon and very pregnant Melissa. In fact, as I type this, Melissa is at the hospital! Good luck Melissa, can't wait to meet Eliott!

On Friday, we hit two of the most popular dining spots during out Cal Poly years - Splash Cafe and Firestones. My sister Beth is living in SLO right now waiting for school to start, so we stopped by to check out where she is staying and took her with us to Firestones.

After dinner, we headed north to Paso Robles to grocery shop, and then onward to Mandi's parents house on Lake Nacimiento. Mandi and Eric, who came from Long Beach, got there an hour after us. When they got there, it was our first time seeing their 10 month old son Finley (Finn), and it was their first time seeing Sean!

Mandi bought Sean and Finn matching Paul Frank pajamas. Even though it was scorching hot this weekend at the lake, we had to put them in the pj's for a picture session, if nothing else.

We had a great time this weekend hanging out with Mandi and Eric. We ventured into downtown Paso Robles on Saturday to wine taste and walk around, went to the pool, played spades, and watched our little ones interact. We're so glad we were able to get these pictures now to look back on when they're all grown up.

The lake house is under contruction and we can't wait to get back there and see it all completed. It's going to be awesome. It works out great having a meeting place halfway between LA and the Bay Area so that we can meet up with Mandi and Eric without having to fly.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Amy & Tim Tie the Knot

On Saturday evening/night, after Sean's birthday party, we headed to Sebastopol to celebrate Amy Alton getting married to Tim Ricard. It was a beautiful setting, and they couldn't have asked for better weather. They were married by Lloyd Johnson, who you can see in the background of this first picture. Lloyd and his family are the Alton's longtime next door neighbor. Coincidentally, I also played basketball with Lloyd's sone Gary growing up. In fact, Lloyd was the announcer at my home high school basketball games so it was no surprise that he was able to take the mic and call a great wedding as well.

Left to right: Tom Kirkpatrick, Dennis Narduzzi, Ken Alton:

Trisha, Beth, Darcy, and Ali, who got married two weeks ago:

My buddy Dylan, who lives in Portland and who at first wasn't going to make it to the wedding, surprised me with a phone call on Saturday saying that he had flown down and was coming!

The traditional Father/Daughter dance:

Even my mom and I got into the action:

I am so happy for Amy that she found Tim. Ever since I met him (about six years ago) I've thought he was a great guy and that the two of them made a great couple. Congratulations Amy!!! ... And Tim!!!

Click this sentence for an album of my better pictures from the wedding.