Sunday, December 7, 2008


- My basketball season is down to only one regular season game, which is Monday night (12/8) at 7pm. We are 2-3, and are hoping to get to .500 for the playoffs. We need a win not only to gather some momentum going into the playoffs, but also so we aren't one of the lowest seeds, meaning we'll likely play the top 1 or 2 teams right out of the gate. We were 1-3 going into last weeks game, so hopefully we can make it three in a row tomorrow night! I'm in shape, I'm motivated, and my game is pretty sharp right now, so hopefully the ball will bounce the right way and my fellow teammates will all bring their "A" games for the rest of the season so we can do some damage.

- Saturday night Darcy and I stayed at the Fairmont Hotel in downtown San Jose. Every December, her company throws a Christmas party there, and employees can get rooms at a special rate. This year we decided to take advantage of it since we had Meghan and Cat to watch Sean for us overnight. Thanks Meghan and Cat!!

- Next weekend we will be heading back to Santa Rosa. The occasion is the Alton, Kirkpatrick, Narduzzi Christmas dinner. My dad's buddies from growing up and their families get together every year for dinner. It's always great to get together with them and we look forward to introducing Sean to the group. This tradition goes way back into the 80's and I think there has only been a few years that we weren't able to make it happen - last year being one of them. This year my parents play host.

- On December 20th Darcy and I will be heading into San Francisco to attend my big sister Trisha's party. We look forward to mingling with her friends and enjoying a night out in the city. The gathering starts at 8pm but we plan on going out to dinner just the two of us beforehand. We already have a babysitter lined up for Sean.

- My company shuts down the week of Dec. 22nd - Dec. 26th, so with weekends I'm off from Dec. 20th - Dec. 28th. Darcy and I plan on going to Modesto on Monday night the 22nd. We'll stay there for 48 hours and then drive to Santa Rosa on Xmas eve. We'll then drive back to Campbell on either the 26th or 27th.

- Sean turned 4 months old on Friday, December 5th. I'm torn between thinking it's already 4 months and it's only 4 months. On one hand time is absolutely flying. On the other hand it seems like forever since Darcy was pregnant.

Here he is showing off his muscular body:

Here he is with mommy after her haircut this past Thursday:

- Darcy got in the Xmas spirit this year in our condo by decorating our mantle. Notice how Bosco and Eddie both have stockings and we (including Sean) don't!


Darcy said...

Wow, I look as exhausted as Sean in that pic! That was a long, busy day.

wad said...

LOVE the pet stockings. Sean's face is great in the pic with Darcy...cracks me up-he looks SO serious!

Suzi said...

Poor Sean, no stocking yet! :( Love your haircut Darc! XOXO