Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tres Agaves, Then Trisha's Party

Last night Darcy and I went out!

We dropped Sean off at babysitter Ronda's house in Santa Clara at 5pm, and headed into San Francisco. The plan was to get dinner at Tres Agaves, which is an upscale Mexican restaurant a block away from AT&T Park, and then go to Trisha's holiday party that started at 8pm.

We weren't starving so we just ordered appetizers, and thanks to a gift card that Darcy won playing in a scramble golf tournament, the meal was practically free!

Following dinner we headed to Trisha's house on Polk Street. Thanks to fast service at dinner, we were the first ones to arrive, and luckily for us, Trisha hogged two spots with her car so we got to skip any parking hassle. She just moved her car up a little and we squeezed in behind her.

By 9pm the party was rollin'. Most of Trisha's high school friends were there, including Meredith and Mark (who have a 7 month old boy named JB), Raina and JP, Alisha and Christian, and Shauna, who is Trisha's roommate. I brought my camera, but it was flashing low battery from the get-go so I only squeezed in one picture before it died. It's blurry, but oh well, better than nothing!

From left to right: Trisha, Meredith, Alisha

We left the party around midnight, and picked up sleeping Sean from Ronda's around 1am. With full-time jobs and a 4 1/2 month old son we don't get out much anymore, so last night was kind of a treat.

Thanks for inviting us Trisha. We had a great time! Trisha's friends who read this blog, it was good seeing you and happy holidays!

Thanks Ronda and Mike for babysitting!

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