Thursday, December 18, 2008

First Round Exit

My East San Jose Church league basketball team won our sixth and final regular season game on December 8th, sending us to the playoffs this last Monday night with a 3-3 record.  Having won two games in a row, we were feeling more confident than we had all season, and we (or at least I) believed we had a chance to ride our momentum perhaps into the depths of the playoffs.

It was not to be.

On Monday night at 10pm we faced a team that annihilated us in the regular season.  When they beat us over a month back we played awful, and they were lights out.  Monday night was different.  They came down to earth with their shooting, and we were in better shape and more cohesive as a unit.  We even led at halftime by two points and at one point in the second half led by 5!  However, by the end of the game we were down, and the season ended with a first round playoff exit.  

Oh well.

The league starts up in January and despite that fact that 10pm games on Monday night (which we get a few of per season) really mess with my schedule, the league seems be passing up my team talent-wise, and the league dues keep going up - I still can't stop playing.  

I love basketball.  I love the exercise.  And I love to compete.  

These three things keep me coming back for more!

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