Sunday, December 14, 2008

Altons, and Kirkpatricks, and Narduzzis, Oh My!

As I indicated in my recent "Update..." post, this weekend was the annual Alton, Kirkpatrick, Narduzzi Xmas get together. The group stems from Ken Alton, Tom Kirkpatrick, and my dad growing up together in Santa Rosa. As kids they roamed the neighborhood together, and then stayed friends through high school and beyond. Besides getting together for a holiday dinner once a year, our families also went on several camping trips in the 90's to Burney Falls. Those epic trips are still a major topic of conversation when we get together.

The camaraderie of this group is strengthened by how well the wives get along, as well as the kids, who are mostly the same age. With the exception of my little sister Beth (18) and Alison Kirkpatrick (24) who are a tad younger, we are all either 28, 29, or 30. However, you can add the age of 31 to this list on Thursday when Trisha turns 31!

Like always, we had a great time last night catching up, reminiscing, telling stories, and enjoying good food. My mom cooked her signature Lasagna and it didn't disappoint!

Tom coaches football at Healdsburg High School and has had some very successful teams through the years. One of those teams was in fall of 1996 when Ryan (his son) was the quarterback. Pictured here is Tom and Becky Kirkpatrick with their daughter Ali.

Here is "the kids" picture:

The crew is definitely growing now. This year both Alton kids are recently engaged - Amy to Tim, and Brian to Alisha. I added Darcy to the crew a few years back, and Ryan has now been dating Carolyn for a few years. Ali is engaged as well, but her fiance was not able to make it.

And here's everybody (using the 10 second timer feature on the camera)!

Everybody except Sean because we didn't want to disrupt him from this:

Every year it takes a little effort to get everyone to Santa Rosa from around the bay area for this event, but it's always worth it, and I look forward to continuing the tradition next year. We should have plenty more to talk about since between now and then the group will be involved in not one, not two, but three weddings!

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