Sunday, November 16, 2008

Narduzzi Side Visits for a Few Hours on Saturday

On Saturday my mom, dad, sister Trisha, as well as my parents westie Mac, drove down to Campbell for a few hours to see Sean... and us (well, not really, mostly to see Sean).  The only one missing was Beth, who is down in San Luis Obispo at school.

My parents picked up Trisha in SF on their way down from Santa Rosa and arrived here just before noon.  The plan was to visit, get lunch, and then head back home for a short, sweet, visit. Upon arrival it didn't take long for the cameras to start flashing.

Auntie Trisha holding Sean as he shows off his left cheek dimple.

Grandpa Dennis admires his grandson as Sean focuses in on the camera.

Here is a similar version of that picture with mommy getting in on the picture taking action.

Grandparents Mindy and Dennis hold Sean up as he smiles back down at them.

After visiting we drove them by Aunt Deb's house so they could see where their grandson/nephew spends his days while mom and dad are working.  Then we proceeded to Los Gatos, where we enjoyed a delicious meal at the Los Gatos Brewing company.  Thanks for lunch Dad!

By 3:30pm, after a less than 4 hours, they were headed back to SF to drop off Trisha on their way back to Santa Rosa.  We'll see them again soon, on Wednesday night the 26th, when we drive up there for Thanksgiving.

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