Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mama's Back at Work

Today our routines changed with Darcy heading back to work. Her over three month long maternity leave has come to an end, and with it, changes things a little. I'll explain.

With Darcy staying home to watch Sean I was free to wander into work super early if I chose. Now, with Darcy's early construction schedule that starts at 7am, or sometimes earlier, and with daycare not opening until 7:30am, the earliest I can get to work is 7:45 - and that is on a good traffic day. On top of dropping him off, I am also responsible for dressing and feeding him before I carry him to my car with all his essentials, strap him into his carseat and drop him off. I'm excited for the extra quality time I will now get with him in the morning. Darcy will handle most of the picking up, but I have the flexibility to help out with that as well when needed. Luckily for me, I have some flexibility when it comes to office hours as I can get a lot done from home. That being said, I still tend to work a little later than Darcy, so her being able to leave work consistently at 4:30pm is a big help.

About the daycare... It is a quick 3-5 minute drive from our place. It's a cute house in Campbell with a white picket fence and a perfectly groomed front and back yard. The inside is always tidy, and she keeps the place at a perfect temperature for all the little ones who come over during the week. She has six slots, two for infants (Sean being one of them), and four for toddlers. We're hoping daycare will be a great experience for Sean to grow up in with other children. They lady who runs it (by herself) refers to herself as Aunt Deb. She writes in a notebook every day, telling us when he ate, went to the bathroom, and anything else notable from the day. Darcy and I are very happy and relieved to have found a place during the day for Sean that we feel comfortable with.

Despite the fact that Darcy will miss spending each day with Sean, she is also excited to get back to work. She has a great career and works at a fun company.

On another note, Sean has not rolled over for nearly a week! After seeing him roll over last week we thought he'd be doing it every day, but that has not been the case. Oh well, I'm sure he'll get back to it soon, we'll let you know.

Sean has also discovered his thumb (left one primarily) the past few days. It makes it nice for us because when he's cranky and requires his binky we don't have to get up every time it falls out of his mouth because he can settle for his thumb as a consolation prize. It's pretty cute.

Tonight we are enjoying him more than ever since we both didn't see him all day. After giving us smiles for awhile, he passed out in his chair, thumb in mouth.

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mike said...

I wish I had someone who kept track of all my bathroom breaks in a journal!