Friday, November 21, 2008

After 24 Hours, Eddie is Back Home

Yesterday got off to a stressful start with Eddie getting out, and seemingly disappearing. With the busy street we live on combined with our inability to navigate the surrounding areas of our complex the way a cat could, we were already starting to imagine life post-Eddie. Some tears were shed as we contemplated the thought of having seen him for the last time, as well as him out there on his own. For all we knew he could be captured, or have wandered too far away to have a chance of finding his way back, or he could even be dead.

We went to bed not knowing where he was, or if we would ever see him again. In attempt to lure him back we put his food on the front porch, as well as his scratchy bed. Darcy had also printed out flyers with Eddie's picture on them, telling people to call us if they found him.

Click here for an old post I did on Eddie's Scratcher Bed.

I awoke this morning at 5:30am to let Bosco outside to pee. I glanced at Eddie's food bowl on the front porch and noticed a considerable amount of food had been eaten from it. This was encouraging, however, it wasn't a sure thing it was Eddie who ate the food since there is another cat that roams the complex that could have eaten it. I then grabbed his tupperware of food from inside and shook it, hoping to lure him with the recognizeable sound of his food shaking. It worked! Suddenly he appeared from our neighbors deck.

So now Eddie's back where he belongs. Darcy and I were both very relieved. In fact, I even sang, "I'm Bringin' Eddie Back, Yeah!" all morning in celebration of our family being complete again.

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Mike said...

Maybe he has a new girlfriend now!