Tuesday, October 21, 2008

In Shape to Start Season

With the birth of Sean my life has changed in many ways. One of those is that I no longer want to work all day and then go to the gym afterward. If I do, my time spent with Sean is too limited. After work, I want to be with Sean and Darcy, not at the gym!

To fix this problem I've been bringing running clothes/shoes to work and running 4 miles at lunch. Over the past two weeks, I've done this four out of five days. It's my new lifestyle. It turns out my office is located right next to a great dirt trail used by Cisco employees and many other silicon valley workers.

Because of this new dedication to working out at lunch, I entered last night's East San Jose Church League basketball game in good shape. I wasn't huffing. I wasn't puffing. Rather I was able to focus on playing basketball and not how much I needed a breather!

After only a 7 point lead at halftime, we blew our opponent away in the second half and ended up winning by 30. The teams will get a lot harder, but nevertheless it's nice to be 1-0, something we weren't last season after one game.

We have a bye next week and there are no games on November 3rd, so the next time I have a game America will have a new President (although not inaugurated). I plan to continue my running and stay in shape so hopefully I can lead my team back into the depths of the playoffs!

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