Sunday, October 26, 2008

Back in San Luis Obispo

This weekend Darcy and I, as well as Sean, journeyed back to San Luis Obispo for the first time since May 4-6th, 2007 (I wrote about that weekend here in Narduzzi Nation's fourth ever post). We stayed with our friends Mike and Kelsey, who live and work in SLO and bought a house in the Madonna area of town a couple years ago. Here they are pictured with Sean, who happens to be smiling:

I took the day off on Friday and we left for SLO at 8:45am, getting us there before noon. We went straight to my 18 year old sister's dorm. After checking out her new digs, we drove out to Mike and Kelseys to "move in" for the weekend before heading downtown to Firestones for lunch. Firestones is by far my favorite food establishment in all of SLO, and maybe all of California, or perhaps the world! The Tri-tip sandwich is to die for and the atmosphere is as good as it gets for a sports fan. There are huge projector screens as well as plasmas showing sports, sports, and more sports.

Friday night we ate dinner at Woodstocks Pizza. Trisha made it to town from SF around 7:30. After eating and hanging out a bit we went home to go to bed and Trisha and Beth headed to the dorms to do the same.

Here is Sean Saturday morning after a good night sleep (we moved him from his pac 'n play to the bed) :

Saturday the three of us ventured out to Arroyo Grande (south of Pismo) to see Melissa and Shannon's house. They live several miles east of 101 up on a hill in the barn of a huge house with a magnificent view. We are glad we got the chance to see it. Very nice place! Melissa works in Santa Maria as a speach pathologist and Shannon is getting his teaching credential at Cal Poly.

After eating lunch with them in AG, we drove to downtown SLO to meet Trisha and Beth, who were shopping. We sat outside Starbucks for over an hour talking, drinking Starbucks beverages, people-watching, and passing Sean around.

I bet that lady in the background didn't know she'd be making it onto Narduzzi Nation!:

Beth with Sean:

The Narduzzi siblings with Sean (Darcy's taking the picture):

Saturday night Trisha & Beth came over for a bbq at Mike and Kelsey's. Melissa and Shannon came over too, but after dinner. Sean got dressed up for the social gathering:

We stayed up pretty late talking, but Sean didn't quite make it that long:

Today we left around noon after another meal at Firestones, this time with every NFL game on all around us. It was once again delicious! When I said best place in the whole world earlier, I meant universe.


Michael said...

I'm famous. Always welcome to bring that little guy to visit, until he hits terrible twos and then you have to wait a few years.

Nice to have you all, and share the central coast yet again.

Michael said...
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